For the past few years I have created sets of colourful cards for my children. There were so many cards lying around the house that my friends and family (thank you!) have encouraged me to pursue this and make it available to more people. That's how Sweet Pamplemousse UK was born in November 2018. 

At Sweet Pamplemousse, when you spend £20, £1 will be donated to plant trees to fight climate change.

Paper Stocks have FSC certification, compostable bags are used for greeting cards only where necessary, packaging is recyclable. 

Subscribe to my monthly newsletter and download your freebie on my contact page : a bilingual scavenger hunt with 2 versions - one to use when outside in the park or in your back garden, one for those rainy days that you can do in the comfort of your own home with your children,  

You can see below my Instagram feed for Sweet Pamplemousse and you can purchase sets of cards and personalised prints from here via my shop on Etsy. For special requests, do not hesitate to contact me ! I'll be happy to take on a new challenge :)

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