With more than 10 years experience in architecture and interior architecture,

I can help you with interior projects in your home, furniture & lighting layout and selection, finishes, bespoke joinery.


Outdoor is also important as part of our lives and our well being. However small they may be, I can propose a new layout and research plants and shrubs for your specific requirements. 


I am particularly interested in designing spaces for children : thinking about your children's needs, what they like, what they enjoy doing. Feeling good in your environment is essential to me.. 

Email me for further information or with your ideas, time frame and requirements for a quote. 

SengFlo designs_FRL_SFd_RGB_300dpi_arch_
SengFlo designs_FRL_SFd_RGB_300dpi_arch_
SD-017_SengFlo designs_FRL_Photo_RGB_300
SengFlo designs_FRL_SFd_RGB_300dpi_arch_

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