During my childhood I have always been interested in arts and crafts. I enjoy the process of making, experimenting different techniques, materials. Having trained as an architect later on, I discovered graphic design in which I developed a strong interest. Typography is also a fascinating field I'd like to explore. 


I really enjoy creating minimalistic illustrations & patterns for children. Everything can be bespoke. I offer photography sessions for kids here. Photographs can be used to create beautiful bespoke prints for kids. 

If something caught you eye or you wish to collaborate, do not hesitate to drop me an email:


SengFlo designs_FRL_SwP_Prod_RGB_300dpi_
SengFlo designs_FRL_SwP_Prod_RGB_300dpi_
animal memory_SP_jungle_yellow
SengFlo designs_FRL_SwP_Prod_RGB_300dpi_
animal memory_SP_butterfly_paysage
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